4 points to get a good overview of your soft skills and potential

In everyday life we easily lose awareness of what is inside us because we are busy with our current issues. But for our careers and our further adventures, we need a regular overview of our soft skills and the potentials that are just waiting to be uncovered.

Here you will find 4 tips to keep your skill collection up to date.


Reflect regularly on what you do every day. You use skills for every task, whether professional or private.

Ask others & get feedback

Whether family, friends, colleagues or executives. Everyone gets to know you in different settings and situations. The various feedbacks support your overall picture.

Do personality and career coaching

Professionals, who specialize in making the abilities and potentials visible in others, will also help you to see the abilities and potentials that you do not trust yourself to be or do not even perceive as such.

Try yourself in different situations

For everything we do, we use skills - ifulfilling of the tasks assigned to us, in our everyday work, in sports, in dealing with others, etc. Recognize the diversity in yourself.