Career Boost 

With ease to the career, made for me

Email-Kurs: 10 Tage. 10 Minuten am Tag. 10 Schritte zu der Karriere, die wirklich zu mir passt. 

Fulfilled Career?!

We learn a lot for our every day work: We do an apprenticeship or we study. And with every subject, there is a job profile that we can follow. 

And yet, more and more people are asking themselves the following questions: 

"What do I really want?

What do I want to spend my time with in the professional environment? 

What really makes sense to me? "

What do we do? We follow what others attribute to us for skills and assign it to existing professions. Then there is the wisdom: “Find a job that brings money.” “You need a job that is safe.” “You have to be able to pay your bills.” “A job doesn't have to be fun. It is only a means to an end. "

Does that make up your fulfilling career ...

..., or do you just wish for more? 


More from life.


More fulfillment of meaning.


More of yourself.


More of what you really want.


More with heart.


More ease.

Careers are like adventure travel

Career is not a straight path, as many would have us believe. It is a path with many surprises, many possibilities, a ride ahead at full speed and then again obstacles that have to be mastered. During our career journey we grow: inside and out.

Do you also want to know what your career journey will look like, which you also want from the bottom of your heart? 

For whom are the career impulses suitable?


Those who want to make more of their professional life than "just" pay their bills and are not afraid of new discoveries.

Seekers of meaning

Those who want to break out of their everlasting circles.


Those who have so many interests that they can't decide what to really do.

Basic trust people

Those who know that there is more in them, that wants to be seen and lived and who are looking for support in making the intangible tangible.


Start sofort möglich!

Every day for 10 days there is a video impulse (3-5 minutes) including a small daily task directly in your inbox, which aligns your career compass with your heart's career.

You spend around 10 minutes a day. 

Your result

Clarity inside, which strengthens your impact & visibility outside.

More collectively: You also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people.

  1. 1
    Clarity how you make your career and job decisions with heart and mind.
  2. 2
    The focus is on you and what you really want for yourself professionally.
  3. 3
    You set your career compass on "career made for me".